All of my life, I've had skin issues. I began experiencing a skin condition that looked like acne, but it wasn't. I had several appointments with various dermatologists...their medication made my skin worse...beet red, itchy bumps..it was awful! I heard about a popular and very good dermatologist, so as a last resort, I went to see her. This appointment changed my life because I met Dr. Edwards. My skin condition is under control and I'm often complimented on how clear my skin is! I owe this to Dr. Edwards. She's the only one I trust to take care of my skin.

- Sharon, patient since 2000

I have struggled with severe acne for over ten years. It has caused me to feel bad about myself on a daily basis. There is no doubt it has affected my self- confidence and interactions with others. I have seen many different doctors over the years and have tried more medications than I can remember. Most fortunately I made an appointment with Dr. Edwards. She took the time to listen to the details of my specific problem and formulated a treatment plan that addressed them. My skin has improved dramatically. I can now say that acne is basically a non-issue for me. I thought that my acne was something I was just going to have to endure. Dr. Edwards proved that I was wrong, and I am tremendously grateful to be the subject of her care.

- Daniel

I have been a patient of Dr. Edwards for over twelve years. My most troublesome skin condition was acne. Since I was a teenager, I searched for years looking for a dermatologist that would know how to improve my skin condition. Little did I know when I met Dr. Edwards that I had found that Dermatologist. She successfully resolved my issue, became a friend, and I have been ACNE FREE for years. Dr. Edwards warm personality, dedication and sincerity resulted in complete satisfaction for me and my family.

- A. Young

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